Intro To Our Virtual Receptionist Services

In today’s fast-paced business world, communication is critical. Every missed call is a lost opportunity. This is where virtual receptionist services, such as Veza Reception, step in to revolutionize professional phone answering services and create positive customer experiences. Let’s explore how virtual receptionist services work and why they can be integral to supporting your brand, freeing up your time, and helping you earn more money.

Our Services

We Offer A Different Approach To Our Answering Services

Inbound Calls

Veza’s live call answering services provide your clients with a professional, friendly voice 24/7, every day of the year. No call goes unanswered, and every interaction is an opportunity for us to help your brand leave a lasting positive impression.

Outbound Calls

Beyond an answering service, Veza’s virtual receptionists excel in making outbound calls. From inquiries to appointment setting and confirmations, we extend your reach and enhance client engagement with proactive communication.

Call Overflow

We can provide an answer service and answer calls on your behalf when you are unavailable. We can create a customized plan where your phone rings a specific number of times before Veza Reception takes the call.

Voicemail Box

We will set up a voicemail box exclusively for you, which your customers can use to leave messages outside of your business hours. You will receive each recording via email.

Appointment Scheduling

Allow our team to handle appointment scheduling for you.

Call Screening & Forwarding

Our team filters your calls to prevent solicitor calls from wasting your time.

Call Summery Emails & Texts

After every call, we will email you a summary of the details.

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Why Should You Hire Our Virtual Receptionists for Your Business?

When you hire our virtual receptionists, you upgrade your business and ensure your customers can always count on you. Here are a few reasons you should hire our virtual receptionists:

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Our virtual receptionists offer a range of benefits for your brand. Your business has the potential to scale and grow with the help of remote receptionists who handle thousands of calls daily to support businesses. Hire us today to eliminate missed calls so you capture all the business you can. Contact us today at Veza to book your virtual receptionist!

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