Top Rated Virtual Receptionist Services

Top Rated Virtual Receptionist Services

Say goodbye to missed phone calls.

Grow your business with Veza Reception! Our virtual receptionists provide the perfect blend of friendliness and professionalism to ensure you never miss a call again. Try our Top Rated Virtual Receptionist Services today and see the difference for yourself!

Top Rated Virtual Receptionist Services

Highly Trained Virtual
Receptionist Teams

Top Rated Virtual Receptionist Services


What Veza Reception does for your business?

Here is what makes us different and why we are loved by business owners


We offer a different approach to our services

Inbound & Outbound Calls

Our virtual receptionists are trained to handle incoming calls according to your specific instructions. Additionally, we can make outbound calls on your behalf for various purposes, such as reminding someone of their appointment.

Call Overflow

We can answer calls on your behalf when you are unavailable. We can create a customized plan where your phone rings a specific number of times before Veza Reception takes the call.

Appointment Scheduling

Our team of professionals understand that scheduling appointments can be a time-consuming and important task, which is why we offer our services to help you streamline the process.

Call Screening & Forwarding

We can help you avoid unwanted spam calls by ensuring that all incoming calls are relevant to your business.

Call Summery Emails & Texts

Our team sends out detailed notes and summaries to you via email/text for every call we receive.

Voicemail Box

We will set up a voicemail box exclusively for you, which your customers can use to leave messages outside of your business hours. You will receive each recording via email.

why choose Veza Reception

Never miss another business call again

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona

24/7 support

Our virtual receptionists provide a 24/7 phone answering service to handle your calls. You can be rest assured that your calls will be answered professionally, regardless of the time of day. With our 24/7 phone answering service, you’ll never have to worry about missing a call and losing business again.

Avoid Time-Wasting Distractions to Save Time and Money

Receiving frequent calls can lead to significant costs over time if you or your staff are constantly interrupted. Each interruption can add up and cost you hours of your time by the end of the day. We help you maintain your focus, as focused work is the best work.

Prioritize the tasks that are most important to you.

Our virtual receptionists can handle routine tasks that consume your staff’s time. By delegating these tasks to virtual receptionists, your staff can focus on more productive work. Our phone answering service can also manage urgent calls, schedule appointments, and capture leads.

Create a Professional Image with Your Clients

By employing a virtual receptionist, your company can maintain a professional image. Our virtual receptionist services can answer all calls in a friendly, professional, and intelligent manner, which can create a trustworthy and professional image for your business. These are qualities that customers value.

Elevate the Level of Customer Service

By opting for a virtual receptionist to answer your calls, you’re taking a step toward maximizing customer satisfaction.

We specialize in providing services for :

affordable Virtual Receptionist Services

Top Rated Virtual Receptionist Services - Our Pricing

A fraction of the cost of an in house receptionist

65 Minute Plan


($2.50 extra per minute)

100 Minute Plan


($2.30 extra per minute)

225 Minute Plan


($1.90 extra per minute)


390 Minute Plan


($1.60 extra per minute)

* We can also do custom plans for 390+ minutes. Reach out to us to discuss.

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