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Inbound Calls at Veza Reception

Inbound Calls

Our virtual receptionists provide inbound call services to help grow your business and free up your time so that you can focus on what matters. We answer your phone calls with a custom greeting and take down the caller’s information/message.

Untitled-design  Inbound Calls - Veza Reception
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What We Offer

We can provide basic services such as taking down the caller’s name, phone number, best time to call back, and reason for calling. We then pass that information over to you via email summary or text. Additionally, we can book appointments, handle client intake, qualify callers, answer caller’s questions, and more. During our onboarding process, we work with you to figure out exactly how you want us to handle your calls.

A Script for Handling General Calls

Below is a call handling script that we use for attorneys. This is just to show an example of how we handle certain calls. We provide services for many industries. See our home page to see some examples of the industries that we service. You can also shoot us an email if you have any questions or want to go over a specific call-handling script example that we would use for your industry. Remember that our scripts are based on the information that you provide us during the onboarding process and we have you sign off on them before we go live. 

“Good morning/afternoon, you’ve reached [attorney name’s office]. How may I assist you?”

If the caller asks for [attorney name], the receptionist can respond with: “I’m sorry, [attorney name] is currently unavailable. Would you like to leave a message or schedule a call-back?”

If the caller chooses to leave a message, the receptionist can collect the following information:

● Name
● Phone number
● Reason for calling
● Best times to call back

The virtual receptionist can then send the message to the attorney via call summary email or text.

If the caller chooses to schedule a call-back, the receptionist can book an appointment using the attorney’s online calendar tool or via round-robin calendar with access to multiple attorneys’ calendars.

Call Handling Script Where We Qualify the Caller

Here is another variation of the above script, but this time we’re qualifying the caller. In this example, the law firm we’re working with has asked us to verify if the caller is someone they specialize in working with. They didn’t want to waste time with callers that they couldn’t help and asked us to handle that end of things. Our remote receptionists are trained to do this, and there are certain businesses that we work with that ask us to do this. However, it’s up to each business to decide how they want us to handle their calls.

Receptionist: Thank you for calling [law firm name]. This is [receptionist name]. How may I assist you today?

Caller: [Reason for the call.]

Receptionist: Thank you for contacting us. Before we move forward, I have a couple questions to ask you. Does that sound good? [Proceeds with intake form questions.]

Caller: If the caller is qualified, the receptionist can ask:

Receptionist: “When would it be convenient for you to speak with one of our staff members? Also, could you please provide us with the best phone number to reach you directly?” “Is there an email address that we can use to contact you?”

Caller: If the caller is unqualified, the receptionist can say:

Receptionist: “Our law practice isn’t the best fit right now because we focus on [other practice areas] However, we recommend [recommended law firm name and/or lawyer referral service.]”

Caller: If the caller is qualified and answers the questions, the receptionist can then say:

Receptionist: “Great, thank you. As I take note of all this,, would you mind sharing with me how you became aware of our firm?”

Caller: After the caller provides the source, the receptionist can proceed with possible actions:

1. Schedules an appointment with the caller. The caller is informed of the date, time, and location (physical, phone, or virtual). Additionally, an appointment invitation is sent via email, which increases the likelihood of the appointment being logged on the caller’s calendar and reduces the chances of a no-show.”

2. Sends call summary email/text to team for review and to determine next steps. Replies with: I will send a summary of our conversation to our team for review and to determine next steps. If necessary, I will reply to you within [X business days] with an update. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to call or text us at [phone number].

Grow Your Business With Veza Reception

Click the button below to get started today or if you have any questions before you make a decision simply go to our contact us page and shoot us an email. Our services are offered on a monthly basis, so there are no long-term contracts. Additionally, we offer a guarantee that allows you to get your money back within 7 days of the service start date.

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