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If you’re a small business in Arizona, look no further! At Veza Reception, we specialize in providing a top-rated answering service tailored to meet your unique needs. Scroll down below to see why partnering with our Arizona-based answering service can transform your business.

Arizona-Based Businesses Can Benefit From an Answering Service Who Can Assist In Serving Their Clients

Over the last few years Arizona has become a top destination for people to move to from all over the country. The state is beautiful, has great weather, great food,  new infrastructure, and is affordable. With the influx of people, Arizona has seen a boom in small businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of Arizona’s economy, employing over 1 million people and making up just under 50% of the state’s private workforce.

Arizona’s thriving economy and business-friendly climate make it an appealing destination for companies. In fact, according to The Motley Fool, Arizona is among the top 10 states for small businesses. After seeing the success of small businesses in Arizona, Veza Reception decided to focus on providing our virtual receptionist and phone answering service specifically in Arizona.

At Veza Reception we specialize in working with small businesses across the state and have had lots of success in serving our clients in the state. Veza Reception’s answering service can help you manage your business calls by answering inbound and making outbound calls, scheduling appointments, screening against solicitor calls, and sending out call summary emails and texts, among other services.

Veza Reception’s Arizona Answering Service is Affordable and Can Help You Save Money

Our virtual receptionist and phone answering service is very cost effective. Take Phoenix for example where the average annual salary of a full time in-office receptionist is between $34,190 and $43,357. Our phone answering service starts at $150 dollars a month where you will be getting the same or BETTER coverage and service. You would save between $32,390 and $41,557 a year! Also, keep in mind we aren’t factoring in the costs for benefits such as healthcare that you would have to pay for full time staff.  If you would like to learn more about our answering service pricing, please visit our pricing page here

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Our Arizona Answering Service Has Experience Servicing the Following Businesses:

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Arizona Answering Service

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